Assisting With Bathing & Dressing

Westminster Retirement, Assisted Living and Care Home


The Retreat At Church Ranch offers a level of capacity to bathe our residents with safety and trust. We have the equipment with shower seats, bath stools, grab bars, transfer seats, tub rails, and special scrubbing and washing tools. We want to make sure to care for delicate and sensitive skin with special body and hair products designed for seniors.

Our facility has staff ready and able to accommodate this process. It’s crucial for us to understand the energy level that goes into a  loved one bathing. Their range of motion may now be limited, with aches and pains due to various health issues, and even old injuries may hinder one’s ability to shower. We pride ourselves in developing trust that in return lets us care for our residents the way we would want to be treated. These tasks for some strong-willed and once-independent individuals can come across as embarrassing or demeaning if not having that earned trust and are approached with the utmost respect. We feel the more understanding and empathy we can deliver to each situation, the more understanding it gives us in caring for each individual.

Dressing and Grooming

Assisting in the grooming and dressing of our residents requires understanding and patience. We must have a positive mindset as these tasks require a such personal invasion of privacy. We want to make sure our residents feel the support and absolutely no judgment. We strive to build strong bonds with our residents that will allow us the benefit of caring for their needs with the utmost respect. We realize these tasks they once were able to do with ease, are just as hard for them as it is for us to earn their trust.

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