Dining Hall

Westminster Retirement, Assisted Living and Care Home

Each meal is served in our designated dining hall, apart from residents who struggle with mobility and or other health issues. We then will deliver each well-balanced meal to the rooms of those individuals so that they can eat in the comfort of their homes. Having the dining hall experience allows each resident to interact and socialize with peers at each meal. This is very important for memory and depression. Having companionship is essential for your loved ones at their age. This practice becomes a habit and is often something they can look forward to throughout the day as they build friendships.

Our Chef provides a detailed monthly food Calendar that lists each meal. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and alternate substitutions for each resident, Staff will then put up the Calendar in each resident’s room and around the facility. We have found that having these items accessible at all times gives a sense of independence and reassurance. This is also used oftentimes as a great conversation starter with family and friends. Residents that may suffer from memory loss find it very comforting to be able to reference and communicate confidently with their loved ones. We encourage all independence at any given time.

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