Meal and Nutrition Program for Seniors

As eating healthy is important for anyone, it becomes vital for seniors. Our diets change as we get older and that means eating a well-balanced diet is more important than ever. We realize that preparing these meals is time-consuming and can be costly, as we come to notice, caring for seniors can be a full-time job. We do not want our residents to eat sugar-filled, non-nutrient foods just because they are easily accessible. As we age, our senses do as well. This means that you may find your loved one changing their likes to dislikes or vice versa when it comes to food. They may even lose their appetite due to underlying health issues that haven't been addressed. It's very important our loved ones are monitored in this manner to ensure and maintain a healthy weight so they may receive the correct nutrition.

Our Facility provides an experienced chef and kitchen staff that is well-versed in the education of dietary needs and restrictions. As we age, it’s very common for our loved ones to struggle with foods they once ate with ease. Whether it’s due to issues with their teeth, Jaw strength, or coordination. We are prepared to accommodate any diet whether it’s diabetic, low sodium, regular, soft, liquid, or a combination.

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