A Love Story Unfolded In Madison: Robin And Cindy Avery’s 40-year Journey

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A Love Story Unfolded In Madison: Robin And Cindy Avery’s 40-year Journey

In the quaint city of Madison, Wisconsin, the seeds of a love story were planted in 1981 when Robin and Cindy Avery first encountered each other. Recently celebrating their remarkable 40th wedding anniversary, the couple reminisces about the fateful day when their paths crossed.

At the time, Robin was a student at the University of Wisconsin, diligently pursuing his studies. One ordinary day, while having lunch with his roommate at a bustling campus restaurant, fate intervened. A casual remark from a nearby booth caught Robin’s attention: “Look around; there aren’t any interesting guys here!” In the spirit of adventure and perhaps a touch of mischief, Robin perceived this as a challenge. As the manager of “The Barber’s Closet,” a popular Jazz and Comedy Club, he decided to turn the tables. With confidence and a twinkle in his eye, Robin approached the four girls and extended an invitation for free food and drinks at the evening’s Happy Hour. Little did they know that this spontaneous encounter would set the stage for a lifelong journey together.

Fast forward to the present, and the Averys have not only celebrated four decades of marriage but have also built a legacy of working side by side for over 25 years. Their journey is not confined to their personal life; it extends to the professional realm and encompasses the shared experiences of their children, Chelsea and Dylan. Chelsea, inspired by her family’s commitment to excellence, pursued a master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology at Northwestern University. Meanwhile, Dylan has become an integral part of the family business, offering invaluable insights to ensure the well-being of both the business and his parents.

The Avery family isn’t complete without the inclusion of their beloved Goldendoodles, Tazi and Josie, who have seamlessly become cherished members of this tight-knit clan.

Robin’s professional trajectory took an unexpected turn after he graduated with a master’s degree in Gerontology and Long-Term Care Management from the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University. A two-year internship at Colorado Lutheran’s long-term care department paved the way for a pivotal moment in Robin’s career – taking control of the Oberon House. This 14-unit personal care boarding home in Arvada was just the beginning.

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