Teach Me about Heaven and Hell

Author: Robin Avery | | Categories: Assisted Living Facility , Bathing , Care Home , Daily Living Assistance , Dressing , Elder Care , Housekeeping , Independent Living , Laundry , Medication Administration , Personal Care , Retirement Community , Retirement Home , Senior Care , Senior Living

A Samurai warrior came upon an aged Zen monk and went up to him, demanding, "Teach me about heaven and hell."

The monk looked up at the warrior and said simply, "I can teach you nothing. You are ignorant and incapable of learning."

At this reply the warrior was enraged. Furious with anger, he pulled out his sword, holding it up and prepared to cut off the monk's head.

The monk simply looked up at him and said, "That is hell."

At this point, the warrior understood that the aged monk had risked his life to answer his question, and he dropped his sword and fell down in tears of gratitude at the monk's feet.

"And that" said the monk, "is heaven."