Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

Author: Robin Avery | | Categories: Care Home , Personal Care , Senior Care


Finding assisted living options in Denver can be simple, with many of them providing a really good service. That said, you have to make sure you are working with people that are listening carefully to your needs and requirements and not just trying to fill an empty room. You have to make sure that the assisted living community you will choose can deliver on their promises of excellent care for your family member.

We’ve observed that most people are open to finding and settling for the first and easiest option out there. However, they should make sure that the option makes sense and provides for all their personal needs and expectations. While the process should not be too tedious, you have to keep the requirements of the family members who are going to be joining the community. You must also ensure that they are comfortable with the move and open to the improvements in their life that are taking place.

We saw many clients signing bad contracts where they committed to six months to a year, and they later wanted to make changes because something did not meet their requirements. Here are some of the pointers that we noticed, and we are documenting them, so others do not make the same mistakes.

1. Focusing too much on aesthetics
People sometimes will choose an assisted living community based on how fancy the common areas are. While the common areas are an important part of the process, you have to make sure that the care is personalized and meets a high standard. You should make sure that the overall quality of care, meals, activities, etc., is beyond par, or regrets will set in. The last thing an elderly person needs is regrets!

2. Not taking time to tour multiple facilities
Families should personally visit at least three assisted living communities and ask key questions about the care their elderly family member will receive. You should use the information gathered from the others when you are having a conversation which would give you a better understanding of the processes that they all follow. Most importantly, check in with your feelings. You’ll know when you are talking to someone truly interested in meeting the needs of your family member and who is just doing a job.

3. Failing to consider your family member’s complete needs
Families searching for a place for their parent(s) to live need to have a clear expectation based on the exact physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their family member(s) and ask questions about how those needs will be met. Additionally, they should consider their health requirements to make sure that they are in competent hands. The best places will ask a lot of questions, listen carefully, and complete a thorough assessment. Then, they will share with you what they have heard and how they will deliver what is necessary for a satisfactory experience.

4. Not understanding and assisting in this delicate transition
After a parent moves into an assisted living community, there is a period of adjustment where the family may need to provide additional emotional support while their parent adapts. Ideally, the place that they are moving to should not be too far away from their home. It should be convenient for their family to visit regularly, especially in the early going. The first couple of days or sometimes months can be challenging, and you want to make sure that they have the emotional support of all involved to satisfactorily make the transition.

5. Forgetting to pay enough attention to healthcare services
Family members are often faced with a period of changing and often complex health conditions, often a declining health condition, where it is important to listen to the professionals. They should be open to listening to doctors or other medical staff and following any prescription or diet needs being prescribed. A good assisted living community will have a resource pool they have worked with for a long time and that is trusted to deliver sound medical and clinical services.

6. Failure to be a good partner 
With a parent in decline, families are often faced with stressful situations that can be filled with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. It is important to remain calm, recognizing and accepting all the medical, emotional, and spiritual support that is available. Having chosen the right place, you can actively participate in what is a sacred duty and be happy with your decision, in peace instead of pain and anxiety.

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