Top Five Things To Look For When Choosing An Elder Care Or Assisted Living Facility

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With an ever-growing and diverse range of assisted living communities, determining the right assisted care home for your loved one can be time-consuming. But what should you look for?

In an ideal situation, you should think about things like staff friendliness, services, and the overall environment when making your pick. You need to also be prepared with the cost, care plan, and general questions to ask assisted living tour guides and staff to help facilitate the process.

Fortunately, the process doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Here are five things to help you narrow down a suitable elder care or assisted living facility for your loved one.

1. Stability
Nothing is worse in the delivery of high-quality elder care than staff turnover. Staff and residents form a special bond and relationship. That relationship deepens and improves over time, with each getting to know the other better and better. For the caregiver, a thorough knowledge of the resident’s personality and character, health situation, social and personal needs, daily routines, and habits helps them to meet that resident’s needs on a daily basis and will tip them off if something is awry and needs special attention. For the resident, there is great comfort in knowing their caregiver’s personality, abilities, and what they can do to help them in any given situation. Trust form is a powerful antidote to loneliness, isolation, worry, and stress. Health and happiness are formed with stable relationships of trust.

2. Maturity
Experience is the best teacher. As owners and operators of The Retreat at Church Ranch, we have been caring for the elderly in our community for a quarter-century. This time spent has given us all the tools and knowledge we need to deliver high-quality care on a consistent and reliable basis. Ours is a mature model with dedicated and competent staff.

3. Ethics
A well-known definition of ethics is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We practice this code of conduct at all levels of the organization. It is with this code that our “Circle of Trust and Respect” is formed and strengthened. Management trusts and respects each other, as does the staff. Residents experiencing this conduct join the Circle of Trust and Respect, and their family members do too. When the Circle is complete, the larger community knows it can trust that the delivery of high-quality care is guaranteed.

4. Stewardship
The task of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property, is of paramount importance in our assisted living business. The health of our organization is made of whole cloth, with no frayed edges or areas left unattended. Being good stewards of The Retreat at Church Ranch involves Continuous Improvement in all areas. Nutritious meals, wonderful activities, a clean and well-maintained environment, exterior grounds that are well maintained and enjoyable, and care for each other and ourselves all constitute good stewardship.

5. Partnership
Service, not selfishness, is a key to strong partnerships. No one does all the work, nor is anyone seeking more recognition than the others. The collaborative effort comes from the efforts of each individual partner contributing to the whole. Being in the mind of service in helping others keeps the partnership humble and strong. A partnership cannot be successful when the behavior, manipulation, and poor attitude of one person negatively affect everyone else. We see this as a component of emotional maturity and insist on it for everyone in the organization.

If you are looking for a Westminster Retirement, Assisted Living, and Care Home, reach out to us at The Retreat at Church Ranch. Our staff provides continuous protective oversight, along with medication administration, bathing, personal care, and dressing. We provide delicious meals and assist people with a wide range of services to make their stay the most comfortable and memorable.

We have residents in our elder care home from across Westminster, Arvada, Broomfield, Boulder, Longmont, Erie, Thornton, Denver, Louisville, and the surrounding areas.

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